The DC3 debut album The Future Sound of Nostalgia & launch tour

Posted on July 13th, 2011

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The DC3 announce debut album The Future Sound of Nostalgia and album launch tour!


The DC3 will release their debut album The Future Sound of Nostalgia on September 1. The album will contain the single I Was The Guy In TISM and live favourite Henry Fucking Wagons.

The Future Sound of Nostalgia is available to pre-order from now.

The Future Sound of Nostalgia?

Remember when smokers weren’t jailed?
Remember when rock bands didn’t sell their naming rights to insurance companies?
Remember when Apple was just a humble multimedia giant?
Remember when death was not-for-profit?
Remember how we thought Lady Gaga was ‘outrageous’?
Remember there was a Sheen guy who had nothing to do with dusting?
Remember when musical genres hadn’t reached six figure proportions?
Remember bookshops?
Remember books?
Remember when you could swear in public?
Remember life before the Andrew Bolt-Islamic Defenders Front-affiliation scandal?
Remember when looking at your own genitals in the shower wasn’t pay-per-view?
Remember when you could read things written by people who were good at writing?
Remember those 3 days when Rupert Murdoch didn’t seem above the law?
Remember when you got some stupid press release with a list of things which you hadn’t started remembering yet, and –

… never mind.

One night you WILL remember:

Spring, 2011. The DC3 came to your city, celebrating The Future Sound of Nostalgia with an epoch-defining performance-art ‘tableau’, leaving the streets and alleyways ringing to the catchcry: “We’re not gonna take it. Unless it’s more fun to take it.”

That night you WILL remember.

You stayed home, and there was this great Masterchef re-run on…

The Future Sound of Nostalgia: the back story

This is their debut album as The DC3, although the three members of The DC3 worked together on Damian Cowell’s solo album “Vs Art”, created for the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).

The three members of The DC3 got together in the nominally alt-country outfit “ROOT!” for two albums. That project ended, and now they’re back, just the three of them, sans cowboy hats, pseudonyms, or real drummers. Now it’s funky beats, weird sci-fi guitar and a singer who comes on like Nick Cave if he’d stayed in Wangaratta and worked at Blockbuster Video.

To launch The Future Sound of Nostalgia, The DC3 are touring nationally with a show that usually includes installation art, spoken word monologues, and slabs of flat-out disco nonsense.

The tour commences in Melbourne at The Corner Hotel on September 10, where they’ll be joined by special guests including The Bedroom Philosopher, and feature a showcase set by Pinky Beecroft’s Circus of Life, playing some of Machine Gun Fellatio’s biggest hits with a 10 piece band including backup singers, The Nymphs.

Next, the Republic Bar in Hobart on September 17. This is their first Tasmanian show since they debuted at the opening of MONA, the world-acclaimed art museum in Hobart. Pinky Beecroft’s Circus of Life will be accompanying The DC3 here too.

This will be followed by the group’s first visit to Queensland, playing the Beetle Bar in Brisbane on Friday September 30, and the Spotted Cow in Toowoomba on Saturday October 1.

Further dates are yet to be announced.

“The Future Sound of Nostalgia” Tour Dates:

10th September: The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
57 Swan St Richmond
Featuring special guests The Bedroom Philosopher & more
Supported by Pinky Beecroft’s Circus of Life
Tickets: $15 pre-sale or $20 on the door (if available),

17th September: The Republic Bar, Hobart
299 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart
Supported by Pinky Beecroft’s Circus of Life
Tickets: $15 pre-sale or $20 on the door (if available),

30th September: Beetle Bar, Brisbane
350 Upper Roma Street, Brisbane
Supports TBC
Tickets: $15 pre-sale or $20 on the door (if available),

1st October: The Spotted Cow Hotel, Toowoomba
96 Ruthven St, Toowoomba
Supports TBC
Tickets: $10 pre-sale, $15 on the door (if available).

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