Nibbles Music offers Marketing Solutions to bands, comedians, artists…. anyone really.

We love the online world and we’re pretty nerdy when it comes to analysing data and results from our campaigns.

We can help you with the following things:


Online Marketing & Digital Strategies:

– Planning a release, tour or big project or simply want to grow your member-base? We can help you put together and execute a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Nibbles Music will work with you to create a customised plan just for you.

Social Media Marketing:

– Want someone to set up your Facebook or Twitter page and work with you to develop a strategy for growth?

– We’ll work with musicians to help decide how much to give away for free on the various social music platforms to promote your release properly and create real sales.

– Nibbles Music has run many successful campaigns using Facebook Ads, we can work with you to develop a budget – no matter how big or small we’re confident we can make it work for you.

– Wikipedia is getting more and more important (especially now that Wiki pages appear as Facebook pages). No one seems to like updating Wikipedia pages, but we do! Let us do yours.


E-Commerce & Crowd-Funding:


– Nibbles Music is really good at helping independent artists work within their means to turn a profit.

– Nibbles can help you set up your own shop.

– We can customise existing tools for you and help you work out which one is best for you: from Bandcamp to BigCartel.

– We can also help you set up an in-house system of your own.

– As part of a digital strategy, we can help you set up a Crowd-Funding project to raise money for your future artistic endeavour.


Email Marketing:

– Email Marketing is one of our main specialties. Let us put your next newsletter together , we’re confident you’ll notice and love the difference.

– We’ll also work with you to develop a plan for list-growth.

– Nibbles loves to provide extensive reports on the success of all email campaigns.


Setting up your website:

– Need a project manager to oversee the development of your new site? Let us do it!

– Nibbles can also recommend some outstanding Graphic Designers, Web-Developers and more.



Anthea Cohen of Nibbles Music has managed The DC3 since their inception at the start of 2011.
Here’s what Damian Cowell (singer/songwriter of The DC3) has to say about that:

“Any shithead can write a song. What happens next requires talent. Anthea Cohen’s work as Manager of the DC3, her manipulation of the dark arts of industry business – marketing, publicity, strategic planning, networking, you name it – has kept the band in touch with our audience, has kept the band in existence, really. And it’s more than her skill as a zeitgeist-savvy operator. I wake up thinking I’m shit and it’s all pointless; I meet with Anthea; I go away fired up with ideas. That’s talent.

– Damian Cowell, The DC3


We recently worked with the band Tatu Rei, here’s what their manager had to say about the experience:

” It was an absolute pleasure to work with Anthea Cohen at Nibbles Music on the release of Tatu Rei’s 2nd studio album.  She directed and consulted us on all things marketing including looking over and overhauling our digital marketing plan.  As a result we got a heap of needed traffic to a facebook page and a full venue for the launch of the album at Malthouse Theatre.  Her work is direct, effective and was appropriate for our band and our budget.  She was extremely easy to work with and very personable and super knowledgeable when it comes to the ins and outs of the Australian music scene.  I would highly recommend Anthea to any professional artist looking for an experienced and talented Marketing director.”

– Marrs Coiro – Tatu Rei, Manager