Nibbles Music is a Music Management and Online Marketing Company. We’re always happy to speak to new people and discuss ways that we could work together. Get in touch over at the Contact page.

Artists currently on the Nibbles Music Roster include: Damian Cowell’s Disco MachineThe DC3 and Death Mattel, and previously included The Bedroom Philosopher and ROOT!

Nibbles Music also offers non Nibbles Music artists a range of services such as online marketing campaigns, crowd-funding, release plans, creating e-commerce stores, as a booking agent or as a producer for music video clips.

Nibbles Music also offers Online Marketing services to all kinds of companies: specialising in Direct Email Marketing, Social Media campaigns, E-Commerce, Affiliate Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation as well as general site usability improvements and online Project Management. Get in touch for a quote or for more information.

Anthea (AKA Lady Nibbles) has come from a semi-corporate E-Commerce Marketing background and is used to communicating with over 1 million members around the world (for a peak of that, have a look at this article from Internet Retailer, click here).

Everyone involved with Nibbles Music dances very well, and thoroughly enjoys an After-Party.