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The DC3: Modern Unconsciousness at Melbourne Fringe

Posted on September 14th, 2013

Category: The DC3, Tour Dates

It’s comedy, dance party and art installation all rolled in to one. After rave reviews at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The DC3 – led by former TISM creator Damian Cowell – take you inside Modern Unconsciousness: the world’s most exclusive nightclub… or is it? Over a soundtrack peppered with infectious pop and the ‘gloriously […]


The DC3 presents The Ringtone Cycle

Posted on March 24th, 2013

Category: Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013, The DC3, Tour Dates

Nibbles Music Presents… Damian Cowell, according to the DC3 song ‘was the guy in TISM’. The guy who sang ‘I’m on the drug that killed River Phoenix’. The guy who got SBS sports anchorman Les Murray to collect his ARIA for him with the words: ‘the music industry is a septic boil on the buttock […]


You’re Tearing Me Apartment: The Roomsical

Posted on March 24th, 2013

Category: Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013, Tour Dates

Friends of Nibbles Music, and venue-mates of The DC3: The Ringtone Cycle…     In mathematical terms, the equation reads like this. 5 x Talented Cast 1 x Obsessed fan of bad cinema 1 x Talented director of award winning cinema = You’re tearing me apartment: The Roomsical Inspired by the cult film The Room, YTMA: The Roomsical is the […]


The Wreck Tangle

Posted on November 3rd, 2012

Category: The Wreck Tangle, Tour Dates

Introducing The Wreck Tangle…New to Nibbles Music.   The Wreck Tangle will play their first ever show on Sunday the 4th of November at CANCERPALOOZA (with the DC3, The Tiger & Me, N’Fa and more). View more details here.     Listen to The Wreck Tangle:   [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]   [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" […]


Cousin Betty Goes To War (and to Melbourne)

Posted on November 3rd, 2012

Category: Tour Dates

Cousin Betty are friends of Nibbles Music. They’re a battle hardened garage rock outfit drafted from the ranks of Death Mattel, Molten Universe and Acid Wagon of Death. They are a concept band inspired by well known Newton bag lady, Cousin Betty, a self proclaimed one woman geriatric vigilante squad, who has become their marketing figurehead, spiritual sage and […]


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